These pages are about my unexpected and lightning trip to Andalousia in October. I had a great time and can't wait to go back. Since this is practically the height of the tourist season in Andalousia it was a bit difficult to find hotel accomodation, but I did get a surprisingly inexpensive flight from Lyon to Madrid, from where I took the AVE (fast train) down to Seville with my mother.

The AVE operates more like a plane than a train. You have to have your ticket checked and your bags x-rayed before you get on and there is a hostess in every carriage to bring you sweets, shopping trolleys, the on-board magazine and headphones for watching television. The best thing about the AVE, apart from its speed and efficiency, is the cafteteria car where you can drink coffee and watch the Spanish landscape through large picture windows.


 Cistern? underneath the Real Alcazar in Seville